The Committees

The Committees bring particular expertise to CRUES in their field of action, and support the Executive Council and member associations in their work. They carry out their tasks in accordance with the orientations, priorities and action plans established by the Congress, as well as the mandates entrusted to them by the Congress and the Coordination Council.

Les comités permanents sont les suivants :

  1. le comité training committee;
  2. le comité de mobilisation committee;
  3. le comité de la research and academic affairs committee
  4. le comité information committee;
  5. le comité journal committee;
  6. le comité de anti-opression and inclusion committee;

Les comités permanents ont les pouvoirs suivants :

  1. to sit on the Coordination Council and take part in debates at its meetings, as well as backing its decisions;
  2. make recommendations to the Executive Council, Coordinating Council and Congress within the scope of their responsibilities;
  3. reach an agreement on their internal operating procedures, in accordance with the decisions of the Congress and the Bylaws;
  4. may be joined by an unlimited number of non-elected collaborators.

Les comités sont composés de personnes membres élues. Les membres du Conseil exécutif siégeant d’office à un Comité en sont membres à part entière. Toute personne membre d’un Comité y a droit de parole, de proposition et de vote.

Non-elected collaborators are not members of the Committee, but have the right to speak and make proposals.