What is CRUES?

CRUES is a combative student union that brings together local student associations at regional and so-called Quebec-wide levels, for a total of 30,000 members. CRUES operates under the democratic control of its members.

CRUES aims to defend the material, professional, cultural, academic and all-round interests of students by building and maintaining a permanent balance of power in the face of the state and the economic elite.

The CRUES demands free and accessible education, a salary for all internships, improved student conditions and the democratic management of educational institutions, just as much as it aims to achieve profound social change. In the face of the ecological crisis and the inequalities caused by the capitalist system, the delegations in attendance argued in favor of democratic management of the economy, the defense of public services and a fair and inclusive ecological transition. They pledged to wage a decidedly feminist, anti-racist, truly global struggle, in solidarity with indigenous peoples and nations, and inclusive of the needs and capacities of all.