2023-2024 campaign

Considering the context of student precariousness and inflation that currently exists;

Considering that the non-salary status of internships and the unaffordable cost of public transportation are elements that contribute to the financial precariousness of students;

Considering the food insecurity that greatly affects the student community is related to its precariousness; 

Considering that student precariousness affects all students, regardless of their internship status;

Considering the multiplicity of factors that lead to student precariousness and that the different member associations of CRUES will be able to adapt a campaign on this theme according to their respective realities;

Considering the importance of adopting a political campaign that recognizes and values regional and local struggles, as well as the autonomy of CRUES member associations according to their respective socio-economic realities;

Considering that the reduction of financial obstacles allows for the improvement of the living conditions of students, but also allows them to have more time to devote to activism;

Considering that the government's budget cuts in the public sector affect both workers and interns, among whom women, student-parents and immigrants are over-represented;

Considering that the remuneration of internships would contribute to reducing the context of precariousness for many students, particularly in traditionally female professions;

Considering the extent of pre-existing mobilization on the issues of remuneration of internships, particularly in areas that are usually less mobilized;

Considering that the labour shortage context favours our ability to build up a balance of power with government authorities;

Be it resolved that CRUES organize a combative political campaign on the theme of student precariousness over two (2) years. 

Be it resolved that the first year of this campaign includes the remuneration of all internships as a main demand. 

Que la CRUES entame une augmentation des moyens de pression pour obtenir la salarisation de tous les stages et en ce sens organise la tenue de trois jours de grève à la session d’hiver 2024. 

Be it resolved that the annual congress of the winter 2024 semester decide on the demand that will be carried out during the second year of this campaign (pursuit of the remuneration of internships, free public transportation or any other issue related to student precariousness), depending on the results of the actions organized. 

Be it resolved that this campaign be based on a perspective of accessibility to education and access to decent living conditions, and that the argument of the campaign seek to link free education and the remuneration of internships on this basis;

Be it resolved that, in the first year of the campaign, the argument of the campaign integrates a transversal perspective of ecological and social transition, without making it a central element.